No matter her age, a woman wants to be beautiful. Beauty, in turn, is defined by current cultural trends. One of the most enduring hallmarks of female beauty is large, firm breasts. Hence, the age old tradition of seeking methods of breast enlargement. A woman less endowed may feel less confident, or unable to compete with her more bodacious "sisters". When a woman has a poor self image, her normally good judgment can be short circuited by the first man that gives her a positive comment. All kinds of abusive and harmful relationships go on because the woman does not have enough self respect and love for herself to get out of the relationship. It has been proven time and time again, a woman that pursues breast enlargement is on path to a much more powerful self image. It isn't just the larger breast, it is something that happens mentally and emotionally. So, what happens after you've obtained the bust line of your dreams? At some point, you are going to realize you are a beautiful masterpiece and worthy of love and respect no matter what you look like. From that point, you may still be happy with the results of your breast enlargement strategy. On the other hand, you may decide you want to reduce your breast size. Natural breast enlargement is far easier to reverse than a surgical procedure.

To begin with, breast enlargement surgery can leave hideous scars. While the implants are in, the scars are mostly on the bottom and sides of each breast. And, while the breasts may look fine under clothing, the nipples are usually not centered correctly after surgery. Taking the implants out can lead to major problems. First, the surrounding breast tissue has experienced a very sudden change in size - something akin to the way a balloon looks after it has been popped. If you've seen that, then you have a good idea of the wrinkles and scars that will be left behind. Natural breast enlargement pills, on the other hand, do not leave scars before or after you stop taking them. As it is, reducing your breast size is an easy process. As with any other fatty part of your body, your breasts will reduce with targeted exercise and diet. Breast enlargement surgery can also have lifelong consequences in terms of pain in the shoulders, neck, and back, as well as pain and swelling in the arms. Many, many women opt to have their implants removed because they are in agony. Unfortunately, even after the implants are removed, they still suffer, because there is permanent nerve and tissue damage.

Because there is no incision or other change to the breast and its surrounding tissues, natural breast enlargement pills will not leave a woman in pain for the rest of her life. While some may think surgical procedures are easy to reverse later on, they need to seriously consider what the breasts will look like after the implants are removed. Others may say "no pain no gain" - however that is not so easily said when you have the implant removed and are still in agony. Natural breast enlargement, on the other hand, allows the body to change based on how a woman takes care of herself. Thus, exercise and diet can safely and easily reverse the effects of breast enlargement.

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